Truck Maintenance Tips

As a proud truck owner, you rely on your vehicle to get you and your cargo where you’re going in a timely and efficient manner.

Vriens Truck Parts, located in Salt Lake City, is your Utah truck parts dealer. As such, we’ve provided the following truck maintenance guide to help ensure that you and your truck can stay out of the shop and on the road where you belong!

Change Oil

Oil is a crucial component of all engines, as it serves to lubricate the parts so that the engine functions smoothly and efficiently. Check your oil by removing the dipstick, wiping it down with a soft cloth, reinserting it into the reservoir and removing it again to compare the color and consistency to the chart provided. Clear and runny oil can be topped off, but sludgy, opaque oil needs to be changed immediately to ensure proper engine function. Watch for metal shavings in your oil; if you spot these, then your truck needs immediate professional attention, as this can indicate that parts of the engine are grinding against each other.

Check Tire Pressure

Your truck’s tires hold up its full weight, along with all passengers and cargo, so they take a real beating as the vehicle barrels down the highway. You should never ride on bad tires! Make sure you take the time to check your tire pressure and condition every week or so. Use a tire-pressure gauge to check each tire, then air them up to the manufacturer’s recommended psi levels as inscribed on the tire sidewalls.

While you’re down there, make sure that the treads aren’t balding and that they’re wearing evenly, as uneven wear represents an alignment issue. Make sure there are no embedded objects in your tires, either.

Check Brakes

Your truck’s brakes are a vital safety component, so make sure they’re always in good working order. After all, between the vehicle and its cargo, truck brakes have a lot of weight to bring to a complete stop. Listen for strange squealing noises or grinding and feel for vibrations when you drive; if you feel vibrations or hear strange sounds emanating from your brakes, bring your truck into a service center as soon as possible.

Clean Glass

Being able to see well is essential to safe driving. Take some time to polish the glass on your vehicle with a glass cleaner and soft cloth or paper towel. Clean all windows, inside and out, as well as your rear-view and side mirrors and your windshield(s). You’ll be able to easily tell if you have any chips in your glass that need repairing once it’s clean, too! If you do have chips in your windshield, mend these as soon as you can, because a small rock chip can be repaired, but once it cracks completely (which it can do from mere weather fluctuations), you’ll be looking at a costly windshield replacement.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Of course, there is only so much you can do at home or in your garage to keep your truck in good condition. You’ll want to schedule regular maintenance appointments with your local shop so that a professional mechanic can take a look at your vehicle and determine what needs doing. They’ll be more likely to spot issues that you may miss because that’s their whole job!

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